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Ballot Measures

SCI Consulting Group assists public agencies with the implementation of Revenue Measures to secure comprehensive funding for operations and maintenance, services and capital improvements. We work primarily in the areas of flood control, parks and recreation, landscape and lighting, mosquito and vector control, cannabis, homelessness and housing, schools, and fire protection.

Cannabis Management

Since 2014, SCI Consulting Group has provided consulting services in support of local medicinal and adult-use cannabis policy. SCI has emerged as one of the primary consulting firms providing comprehensive local cannabis policy services in California.

Financial Consulting

SCI has extensive experience in establishing new or updated financing programs for public agencies. Not only will SCI prepare new fee programs and rates that meet the substantive requirements of law but will also assist with the implementation progress from internal review and stakeholder outreach, through adoption by the governing body.

School Facilities Planning Services

Since 1985, SCI has been an industry-leading firm providing school facilities planning, demographic analysis, and associated financial planning for California school districts.

Special Levy Administration

SCI Consulting Group’s primary area of expertise is the administration of assessments, fees and special taxes for public agencies. With over 30 years of experience in this specialized field, we have never missed a levy submission deadline and have an unparalleled track record of finding additional revenues for agency levies that were previously administered by another firm.

Surveys & Feasibility Studies

Comprehensive and detailed planning and strategy are essential to long term financial sustainability of every public agency – there are many choices, and a portfolio of mechanisms is often the optimal approach. SCI develops Funding Options and Feasibility Planning Plans based upon detailed agency-specific analysis including attributes such as political viability, legal defensibility, revenue generation, and administrative burden.

GIS Services

As expert users of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), we utilize primarily ESRI software as well as open source products. We offer complete GIS based solutions including data research and development, spatial analysis, and cartography and graphic design.

Online Application and Management System

Streamline application processes, boost staff productivity, eliminate paperwork. Now you can receive and process exemption applications with ease. Easy-to-use online exemption processing and digital forms built exclusively for public agencies and their taxpayers.