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Financial Planning For School Districts

Since 1985, SCI has been an industry-leading firm providing school facilities planning, demographic analysis, and associated financial planning for California school districts.

Level 1 Developer Fees Justification Report

Our Report will meet all State requirements for levying the statutory maximum “Level 1” residential and commercial/industrial developer fees. SCI will prepare the Report and the associated notice, resolution, and agenda report.

School Facilities Needs Analysis (Level 2/3 Fees)

School districts that meet certain requirements may impose an alternative “Level 2” fee on new residential development to fund the construction or reconstruction of school facilities. SCI’s “Needs Analysis” will establish the eligibility for, need for, and amount of Level 2 and Level 3 fees that may be imposed on new residential construction. SCI will prepare Needs Analysis report and the associated notice, resolution, and agenda report.

Demographic Study and Facility Plan

The Study would evaluate the factors influencing enrollment, identify demographic trends, and include comprehensive demographic projections. Also, the Plan will provide a comprehensive facilities plan to address the long-term housing needs created by new development.

Student Generation Rate Analysis

Be careful! Accurate student generation rates (“SGRs”) are essential for enrollment projections, long-term facility planning, developer fee programs, and mitigation agreements. SCI can conduct a student generation rate analysis for your district and determine appropriate SGRs for the project.

Development Mitigation Agreements

It is commonly accepted that statutory developer fees and State funding are insufficient to fully fund the cost of new school facilities needed to serve new development. SCI can prepare a project-specific impact analysis to determine the true impact of a development project. Then, SCI can assist you and your legal counsel to enter into “voluntary” mitigation agreements with area developers to provide for full mitigation of their development’s impact on school facilities. This strategy, if properly planned and executed, will ensure that the District will have adequate and timely funding for its long-term facility needs. Unfortunately, this “assertive” approach is necessary since statutory school facility fees and state funding will not sufficiently fund the District’s expected facility needs.

Comprehensive Services

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