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Streamline application processes, boost staff productivity, eliminate paperwork.

Now you can receive and process exemption applications with ease. Easy-to-use online exemption processing and digital forms built exclusively for public agencies and their taxpayers.

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Paperless Exemption Applications and Administration

Say goodbye to illegible scribbles and lost paperwork. Save time and reduce errors by collecting online exemption applications and verification documents. Eliminates handing envelopes and forms.

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Easy User-Friendly Interface

Easy, user-friendly interface for applicants and staff review of applications and verification documents. Eliminates faxing, postage, envelopes, no stamps, etc. The average user will take two minutes to apply.

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Encrypted Security and Storage

Keep applicant information and verification documents secure with encrypted database storage. Provide secure online registration and filing of exemption applications to applicants. More secure than sending documents in the mail. More secure than storing in file cabinets.

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Automated Communications

Send notices, confirmation letters, verification letters, incomplete application letters, etc., with one click. Easily send prewritten one-click emails to request additional application information.

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Centralized Online Management

One place to manage exemption applications. Manage all correspondence with the applicant – email, phone, letter, service desk, etc. Send and receive email with taxpayer. No desktop software necessary.

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