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Tax and Levy Administration Services

SCI Consulting Group’s primary area of expertise is the administration of assessments, fees and special taxes for public agencies. With over 30 years of experience in this specialized field, we have never missed a levy submission deadline and have an unparalleled track record of finding additional revenues for agency levies that were previously administered by another firm.

Many cities, counties and special districts lose thousands of dollars in revenue every year due to errors made in administering their Special Taxes, Benefit Assessments and Fees. With our parcel-by-parcel analysis, extensive database, proprietary computer software and unparalleled expertise, SCI will optimize your levies. SCI’s extensive statewide database of property and ownership information includes all parcels in the State with over two decades of historical data and extensive parcel attributes.

The legal environment regarding Proposition 13, Proposition 218 and other legislation continues to change rapidly. SCI continues to work diligently to ensure the maximum legal defensibility of all annual administration processes for its clients.

SCI can provide you with efficient, accurate tax and levy administration that you can count on, year after year.

Case Studies

Palmdale Dry Town Water Park
Pool And Waterslides

City of Palmdale

Special Levy Administration

In 2002, the City of Palmdale hired SCI to assist with a city-wide landscaping and lighting assessment district formation and ballot proceeding. The ballot proceeding was highly successful. It generated the needed funding for a regional soccer complex, two swim centers, a destination family aquatics resort, a performance amphitheater and improvements to all local parks.

Since 2002, SCI has handled the assessment administration, has prepared the annual Engineer’s Report for this assessment and has made the annual assessment engineering findings for the successful continued collection of this benefit assessment.

In 2009, SCI also took over the administration of a sewer fee that was previously administered by the County. In the first year alone, SCI uncovered over $152,000 in additional annual revenues due to previously incorrect special levy calculations and parcels that were missed but should have been subject to the sewer fee.

In 2010, SCI was selected after a competitive RFP process to also take over the administration of the City’s other assessments, which previously had been administered by another firm, for drainage, street lighting, and landscape maintenance. These assessments are divided into hundreds of different benefit zones, each with unique services, amenities, and special benefits. The City selected SCI because of the level of personal and responsive service we provide and the professional expertise of our special levy administration team.

Comprehensive Services

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