Sonia Ortega, Senior Consultant, brings 10 years of project management experience to SCI, working with both large and small businesses, with a strong background in public speaking as well as data and client management. She currently focuses on assisting Cities and Special Districts with public opinion research, fees, taxes and assessments, and community outreach. Sonia currently manages over $45 million per year in assessment and tax levies in various counties throughout the State. Since the legalization of Proposition 64, she has also assisted a number of municipalities with local cannabis policy implementation, including facilitating industry participants and stakeholder meetings, local ordinance development, regulatory fees, cannabis taxes, and application review. In addition to her consulting work, Sonia is also responsible for the coordination of about 15 statewide workshops and conferences that SCI participates in year-round. Ms. Ortega has an A.A. degree in Business Administration.