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SCI conducts live webinars in partnership with industry leaders.  We invite your questions and comments for live Q&A during each event.  These webinars are free and last about an hour.  Don't miss out on the chance to learn from top experts and have your questions answered!

The Second Green Wave: Local Cannabis Policy Case Studies from the First 10 Months of Legalized Commercial Cannabis in California

Tuesday, November 13, 2018, 11:00 a.m. to Noon Register

Commercial cannabis businesses for adult-use cannabis have been legal in California for almost a year. There are now reliable, straightforward strategies for the implementation of safe and well-regulated commercial cannabis activities to better serve local patients and generate much-needed revenue.

In this webinar, Kyle Tankard, Senior Consultant and Sonia Ortega, Consultant at SCI Consulting team up for an interactive webinar sharing implementation strategies from California cities and counties including:

  1. Stakeholder, elected official, and community education and outreach.
  2. Health and safety, and land use ordinances for cannabis.
  3. Regulatory cannabis fees, licensing, taxes and compliance. Full cost recovery – including implementation costs.
  4. Selection of optimal commercial cannabis businesses.
  5. Cannabis taxation for new revenue.
  6. Monitoring and compliance to ensure safety, revenue and eliminate the unregulated marketplace.

City, County and special district staff and elected officials are encouraged to participate in this webinar. Attendance to the webinar is limited, so sign up now!

Maria Garcia-Adarve

Kyle Tankard

Senior Consultant, SCI Consulting Group

Kyle Tankard contributes over six years of experience in project management, consulting services and data analysis to the SCI team. His expertise includes local cannabis policy, as well as the formation of local revenue ballot measures and their annual administration. He has assisted cities and counties up and down the State with various stages of local cannabis implementation, including taxation, cost recovery, health and safety regulations, and monitoring and compliance of cannabis in California.

Valerie Flores

Sonia Ortega

Consultant, SCI Consulting Group

Sonia Ortega brings over 10 years of project management experience to SCI, working with both large and small businesses. Most recently, Ms. Ortega has participated in a series of webinars and workshops aimed at establishing an industry standard for community education, taxation, health and safety regulations, and monitoring and compliance of cannabis in California. She has assisted a number of cities and counties in the State with development of their local cannabis policies.

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