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Application Development Services

Our team has extensive experience in developing custom database driven software and web applications. We are adept at understanding user requirements, and we will work closely with your user community to understand the business needs behind those requirements. Our application development services include:

  • Web and Windows application development
  • Web design
  • Database architecture
  • Database management
  • Application conversion (from Excel, MS Access, FoxPro, etc. to Web w/ SQL Server)
  • Cloud hosting (AWS, Azure)
  • Microsoft platforms and programming tools

Ballot Measures

Proposition 218 Benefit Assessments, Special Taxes, and Property-related Fees

A ballot measure is often the best way to secure a new, steady stream of funding that you can rely on for years to come. In order to conduct a successful ballot measure, there are many strategic and technical decisions, as well as administrative and timing requirements which must be strictly followed.

As California’s leader in local funding measures, SCI Consulting Group will walk you through the entire balloting process, from planning through ballot tabulation and beyond. Our unmatched record of winning ballot measures and project management expertise ensures that you can be confident as we assist you through this process from start to finish.

Call Center and Document Services

Your success depends on your customers or constituents receiving reliable service in a friendly, helpful atmosphere. You need your calls to be answered in a call center that understands the importance of speed and accuracy while delivering outstanding customer care. The SCI Service Center employees are specially trained to address politically sensitive situations.

SCI Consulting Group’s state-of-the-art call center can help you with all your call center needs, including outbound and inbound calls, customer support, lead generation and sales, collections, reporting and more.

Even in our increasingly automated world, document processing is still a necessity. Letters, petitions, faxes, and e-mails, as well as various forms and other paperwork, must all be opened, read, sorted, processed and filed.

SCI Consulting Group can take away the burden of your paperwork processing, providing you and your customers or constituents with outstanding, efficient and accurate service. Our experience in handling over 100,000 pieces of correspondence in a six month period for one client means you know you can count on us for any job, no matter how big or small.

Cannabis Management Services

Since 2014, SCI Consulting Group has provided consulting services in support of local medical and non-medical cannabis policy. Initially, we began conducting primary research, meeting and talking with officials and industry participants in California, Colorado, Oregon, Washington and Canada. We visited legislators, tax experts, the Department of Fish and Game, the Department of Food and Agriculture, the Department of Pesticide Regulation, marijuana dispensaries, cultivation facilities, testing facilities and manufacturing facilities. We attended Oaksterdam University, legal seminars, the Blue Ribbon Commission hearings on marijuana and attended numerous seminars in our quest to learn all we could about this new industry. Since then, SCI has emerged as one of the primary consulting firms providing comprehensive cannabis policy services in California. These primary services include:

  • Cannabis-Related Public Opinion Surveys and Stakeholder/Community Meetings
  • Local Health and Safety Policies, Regulations and Ordinances
  • Selection of Optimal Cannabis Businesses
  • Regulatory Fees for Full Cost Recovery of Agency Cannabis-related Costs
  • Cannabis-related Local Tax Mechanisms
  • Annual Monitoring and Compliance Activities

SCI Consulting Group continues to conduct informational webinars and workshops for public agencies that bring together industry experts and city and county and explain some of the complexities of the new regulations. We are available to discuss our services at any time. To contact us click here to email Neil Hall.

Watch a brief television interview featuring SCI's local cannabis policy consulting for the City of Yreka's, click here.

Financial Consulting

SCI’s team of planning, financing and assessment engineering experts has the capability to assist public agencies with every phase of establishing funding programs. Our hassle-free service approach maintains a close interaction and coordination of the project with staff while limiting their time and resources.

SCI can establish a new or update your funding program with attention to all legal requirements and funding objectives. After the program is drafted, SCI can also assist with the review, outreach and adoption and implementation phases so that you can keep focused on the services you provide.

Our financial planning consulting services include:

  • Developer Negotiations and Full Mitigation Fees
  • Development Impact Fee Nexus Studies
  • Quimby Land Dedication and In-Lieu Fee Studies
  • Utility Rate Studies

Data Analysis and Processing

Proper data management is more important today than ever before. Both internal data and information about your customers or constituents is useful only if it is accurately collected, stored, analyzed, processed and retrieved.

Handling millions of California property owner and voter records on a daily basis, SCI Consulting Group is a leader in data analysis, processing, storage and retrieval. Whether it’s identifying over 800,000 habitable structures in the State Responsibility Area for the State of California, or determining who is most likely to vote for your funding measure, we can help you with all your data needs.

Development Impact Fees

Development Impact Fees are a one-time fee, a type of exaction, imposed to generate funds for the new or expanded infrastructure required because of development, whether commercial or residential. They are not to be used for ongoing operations and maintenance needs. SCI helps local governments to identify the areas where such fees are needed, and develops the needed rigorous study to justify such fees.

As California’s leader in local funding measures, SCI Consulting Group will walk you through the entire balloting process, from planning through ballot tabulation and beyond. Our unmatched record of winning ballot measures and project management expertise ensures that you can be confident as we assist you through this process from start to finish.

School District Services

Educational facilities hold a special importance in communities and their planning, construction, and financing require special planning. In addition to consulting with school districts on parcel taxes, our senior planners can provide districts with:

  • Attendance Boundary Studies
  • Facilities Master Plans
  • Financing Plans
  • School District Demographic Analysis
  • School Facility Fee Justification Reports (Level 1)
  • School Facility Needs Analysis (Level 2)

Special Levy Administration

The legal environment regarding Proposition 13, Proposition 218 and other legislation continues to change rapidly. SCI continues to work diligently to ensure the maximum legal defensibility of all annual administration processes for its clients.

Did you know that Cities, Counties and Special Districts lose thousands of dollars in revenue every year due to errors they make in administering their Special Taxes, Benefit Assessments and Fees? With our parcel-by-parcel analysis, extensive database, proprietary computer software and unparalleled expertise, SCI Consulting Group can provide you with efficient, accurate tax and levy administration that you can count on, year after year.

Surveys and Feasibility Studies

One key to a successful funding measure is understanding the needs and desires of your community. You can craft your funding priorities in a way that will gain community support only if you understand your community’s priorities.

SCI Consulting Group will work closely with you to fashion and deliver a public opinion survey which will accurately provide results you can rely on in order to better serve your unique community.

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