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Property Owner FAQ

Q: I’m aged 65 or older. Can I receive an exemption from my property tax?
A: Some school districts offer exemptions for seniors on their parcel tax. Call the phone number on your property tax bill next to your school district parcel tax line item (if you pay one) to see if an exemption is available. If you live in one of the school districts we administer, call our office at (800) 273-5167 to request an exemption form.
Q: When will I receive the services that I pay for on my property taxes?
A: Mostly likely you are already receiving these services! Things like streetlight maintenance are easily taken for granted. Some special districts, like Mosquito and Vector Control Districts will also respond to service requests. Please contact the agency directly if you have questions about their service schedules.
Q: There is a special tax lien on my property and I want to refinance or sell. How can I pay it off?
A: Some agencies in California use a special tax lien as a mechanism of ensuring their incoming funding. These liens are annual charges paid with the rest of your property taxes and usually cannot be prepaid or removed. Your lender should recognize this as a normal property tax and there is typically no special action you need to take.
Q: I sent a payment to a special district on a direct bill, how come my check has not been cashed yet?
A: In some instances we collect payments on behalf of agencies for properties that do not receive a standard tax bill. It takes extra processing time for us to collect these payments and forward them on to the agency. If you have a question about a bill you received or if you want to verify receipt of payment, please call our office at (800) 273-5167.

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